Thai Red Curry with Prawns | Jamie Oliver

So I'm gonna make the most beautiful ThaiRed curry with prawns and sugar snap peas lemon grass in all the supermarkets trim offthe ends like that and then just give it a spank if you smell it it's also released thatincredible sort of sherbet lemon sort of smell flavour absolutely gorgeous so I've got thelemon grass going into our food processor at the same time I'm gonna put a heaped teaspoonof tomato puree then I'm gonna put 4 of these roasted peeled peppers, really good, kindasmokey sweet flavour 4 of these go in and then I've got this bunch of coriander so I'mgonna put about a nice big handful stalks and all in there chili, I use just one chiliand then garlic 2 cloves of garlic and just squash that straight in ginger 2 cm piece and then I've got a secretingredient ok lime leaves, incredible so put about 4 or 5 leaves of kaffir lime in therecos' we've got those beautiful flavours in there we wanna just help them along a bitso about 2 tablespoons of olive oil goes in and I'm going to season with soy sauce about1-2 tablespoons should do the trick but we're gonna adjust that later and a little bit offish sauce basically a teaspoon of fish sauce and a teaspoon of seasame oil, just bang thaton there so you get all of that out there in a hot pan I wanna go a little bit of oliveoil I'm gonna get all of that paste, in here first, all of it then I'm gonna go in withthe prawns if you've got frozen prawns they're perfect chuck them in frozen now no worriesat all give them a little shake like that I'm also gonna get sugar snap peas straightin with the sugar snaps and then coconut milk so literally I'm gonna bring this to the boiland turn it right down to a simmer and this will be ready in 3 minutes a little bit ofcoriander that was left over sprinkled in at the last minute and a little bit of limejuice so I'm just gonna pour that into my bowl here absolutely gorgeous.

Source: Youtube