Thai Chicken Salad Recipe – Show Me the Yummy – Episode 28

Welcome to Show Me the Yummy episode 28.

Andtoday we're making a thai chicken salad.

We're playing around with some really fun thai flavorstoday.

And we're going to start with our dressing.

Alright, we're going to start off.

We've gotsome lime juice, seasoned rice vinegar, brown sugar, soy sauce.

The brown sugar's not comingout.

[Laughs] We've got some pressed garlic, sesame oil, smells so good.

Fish sauce, whichif you follow along, Jennifer loves the smell of.

Smell it.

Way too stinky for me.

And thenwe have some Sriracha for a nice little kick.

And then we have our peanut butter.

We'regonna get that peanut butter in here and then I'm going to thin this out with just a littlebit of water.

And then I'm going to pulse until it combines.

Now, while she's puttingthat together, I've got four wonton wrappers and I'm gonna take these guys, these are goingto become our.

what would you call it? Our little crispy wonton.

Our crunchies.

Our crunchies.

So, I'm going to cut these in half first.

Then I'm just going to cut each of those halvesin to quarters.

Like that.

And then I'm going to take these back, I've got a sautee panwith oil that we've heated to 375 degrees.

Now I am just going to.


325, three hundredtwenty five degrees.

I'm gonna let those guys drop in those, it's going to take about sixtyseconds for those to cook.

When they're done, I'm gonna take them out.

I'm going to putthem on a paper towel over a plate and I'm going to sprinkle them with a little salt.

While those are getting crispy, I'm gonna work on our romaine.

We're going to slicesome up and then we're going to dice some mango.

After that, we're ready to assembleour salad.

[Music]Okay, so our crunchies are all set, we're going to use those to garnish and we alsohave our dressing ready to go.

Now it's time to assemble.

We're going to start with ourromaine that we sliced.

And now, we're just using some pre-packaged coleslaw.

Keep iteasy.

We're also using pre-julienned carrots.

Then we have some sliced green onions, somecooked chicken, peanuts, fresh cilantro.

Really brightens things up, make it really nice.

And our mango.

Now I'm just going to toss this all together.

Now you've got two optionswhen you're making this salad.

We're putting it all together right now, but if you wannaeat it during the week what we'd suggest is keep the mango out of it and don't add thedressing.

Use those the day you're gonna eat it, put those in.

Otherwise the lettuce willget all soggy and it won't be great.

Okay, this is looking good, so we're just goingto plate it up now.


Get a nice big scoop of our salad.

Oh my gosh, that looksso yummy.

You can't smell this, but it smells unbelievable right now.

There we go.

Now we'regoing to drizzle it with some of that really yummy sauce.

This is where Trevor and I differ.

I like a lot of sauce and Trevor doesn't.

I like a good amount of sauce.

I don't wantit swimming in sauce.

I like it swimming.

Sauce to taste.

And now we're going to takethese crunchies that we.

The best part.

Look at that.

So yummy and crunchy.


You know what time it is.

I think it's time for a taste test.


Best salad ever.

I love that.

Mmm hmm.

There's so much going on.

The dressing with the peanuty thai flavorsis just blowing my mind right now.

And so many textures with the crunchies and the cabbageand the carrots.


And the mango is nice and earthy.

Yeah, it gives it a nicefreshness to the whole thing.

It's really, really fantastic.

So good.

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So I'm just going to take these wonton wrappers.

I've lost some lettuce.

The lettuce is down.

At home when you're cooking for yourself.

We'll wash that off one more time.

That doesn't mean you have to throw it away.

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