Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul: 시금치나물)

(fast chopping) (upbeat instrumental music) – Hello everybody! A bouquet of spinach! This is for you.

Would you be interested ingetting a bouquet of spinach or a bouquet of flowers from me? I would choose spinach.

Why? We can eat it as a side dish.

So today I'm going tomake spinach side dish.

It's called siguemchi-namul.

This is a really populareveryday side dish.

When I need something a kind of green stuff.

First thing that comes to mymind is spinach side dish, siguemchi-namul, because it's so easy and tasty.

Let's start.

Now, I am boiling some water.

And then, let's handle this spinach.

Sometimes these roots are red and very thick.

That's really tasty.

In that case don't throw away and you can use.

This is red, for example, right? then you can do, like this.

These days I can notfind the kind of red roots.

You can cut like, a stem, cut this and split like this.

I wish this were red.

But I couldn't find that kind of spinach.

I cleaned my spinach.

There's still some dirt inside.

We're gonna blanch and then later wash.

This is eight ounces.

Eight ounces of spinach.

Water is boiling, let's blanch.

Blanch without the lid.

Around 30 seconds or to one minute.

Sometimes you see the spinach is thicker then one minute.

Spinach is thin like this, just 30 seconds.

Turn off.

(water running) This way, cold water we wash this remove all dust,inside there's a little mud.

Now, what we have to dois squeeze out the water.

It's in my palm.

The size really got smaller.

My grandmother, two grandmothers, they always used thistype of kitchen knife.

Larger than this.

I got this from Koreawhen I traveled to Korea Once I found this,I wanted to have this, so I brought this.

Put it in a bowl.

Traditional knife is, thispart is flat on the handle.

Garlic, we always used to use this way.

And green onion.

(chopping quickly) Soy sauce, one and a half teaspoon.

And sesame oil.

Also same amount, one teaspoon or one and a half teaspoon.

Crush these guys.

Smells really good.

Let's add.

And mix.

How easy it is? Oh my, sesame oil, sesame seeds, smellreally, really awesome! This is silgochu.

If you want, you can add this for color.

Let me taste! (upbeat instrumental music) Garlicky and so tender and soft just everything's soft but a little crispy.

You can eat it with rice or you can eat it with noodles.

My next video is, I'm going to add one more recipe and then make some nice things.

Today, we made siguemchi-namul.

Enjoy my recipe.

See you next time, bye! (upbeat instrumental music).

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