Spicy Shikari Mutton – Simple and Tasty Recipe | Traditional Indian Mutton Curry Recipes

Flavourful and fiery, this delicious ShikariMutton is every Shikari’s favourite! While the days of hunting may be gone, youcan still make this at home! Let’s start by adding ghee to the pressurecooker.

Once the ghee is hot, add someCumin Seeds Coriander Seeds Cloves Star Anise Cinnamon and Bay Leaves Together these spices release an exquisiteand unique flavour.

Now take some Garlic Pods and crush them tohelp release their aroma.

Add some Julienned Ginger and finally some Dry Red Chillies – both Kashmiri Chillies and Byadagi Chillies The Kashmiri Chillies are not very hot buthelp add colour to the gravy.

However, the Byadgi Chillies are hot and helpadd spice to the gravy.

You may add more or less depending on theamount of spice you can handle.

Ensure that you break the chillies into piecesto add colour to the mutton.

To help caramelise the gravy add some sugaror some onions.

Stir the mixture to coat all the ingredientsin the ghee.

Finally add the mutton into the mixture andsome salt to taste The number of ingredients used is very minimalas too many ingredients could not be carried while hunting This recipe varies across the different regionsof India.

Then add some water to help the mutton cook.

Ensure that you add enough water but not toomuch Mix all the ingredients again and then coverthe pressure cooker.

Let it cook for 6 whistles and then let thepressure settle.

You may cook the mutton for less or more dependingon how you prefer to eat your meat.

Originally, shikari mutton was made in thejungles immediately after shikar.

Your delicious Shikari Mutton, fresh fromthe Glamrs kitchen is ready to be noshed! Enjoy!.

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