Southeast Asian cuisine takes over Korean palate

Southeast Asian cuisine has taken the Koreanculinary scene by storm with its distinctive and punchy flavors.

Now, with the ingredients available at nearbystores, people are giving it a try at home, not just in restaurants.

Cho Sung-min reports.

The popularity of Southeast Asian cuisinesin Korea is rapid growing, according to government data.

A report by the Ministry of Agriculture, Foodand Rural Affairs and the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation in July…statesthat the second quarter business index for Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian restaurants…markedthe highest among all types of restaurants at 83.

22 points.

While restaurants servingtraditionally popular cuisines…such as Chinese and Japanese food have made past the 70 pointmark.

The growing popularity of Southeast Asiancuisines is also reflected in the average grocery shopping cart.

Spices and condiments mostly used in Vietnameseand Thai kitchens are gradually becoming steady sellers…as more people are trying theirhand at making dishes from those regions.

(KOREAN)”It’s easy to fetch Southeast Asian ingredients like rice paper and spices.

As you can easilyfind them in local markets these days.

I frequently make my own dishes at home.

” The trend has triggered domestic food companiesto put out their own lines of Thai and Vietnamese-style sauces and microwavable meal products.

(KOREAN)”More people are fond of the intense and distinctive flavors that Southeast Asian sauces bringto the table.

So we decided to follow the trend and comeup with our own products.

” According to industry experts, the increasingnumber of Korean tourists to Southeast Asian countries as of late is seen as a main reasonbehind the overall interest in Southeast Asian food.

Mode Tour, one of Korea’s biggest touristagencies, says the number of people who chose to travel to Southeast Asia as their vacationdestination from late July to early August this year.

Has seen a 60 percent increasecompared to the same period in 2016.

As such, experts forecast to see more Koreantravelers booking their flights to Southeast Asia,.

Indicating that the popularity ofSoutheast Asian food is most likely to remain steadily high and promote this market to groweven further.

Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube