Snail Sushi Roll Recipe

Welcome back to another cooking video.

TodayI’m going to show you how to make a sushi roll that looks like a snail on the insideso you can impress your friends or whoever with your mad sushi skills.

Alright, let’s get going – let’s cook! Alright, you start off by taking a carrotand you’re going to want to cut a block the same length as a half sheet of Nori iswide, so cut here and here – great.

Now you take your block of carrot and you justwant to cut it lengthwise just like so and then you want to take one of these halvesand start working on it.

I’m going to cut a quarter of it off, just like so, so I havea workable surface.

Now I’m going to cut a strip of carrot,two millimeters thick, just like so, and out of this I’m going to cut my carrot stickswhich I need two to make the eyes of the snail.

So again I’m just going to cut two millimetersin, just like so, and you’re going to want to make two of these because that’s whatyou need for the eyes.

Once you’ve made that then you move on andleave them on the side.

Okay, now you take your tuna and you want to cut thin sliceslengthwise, usually you cut against the grain but this time I’m going to go across it.

Just take your knife and log a little piece off so you can start working, and then you’regoing to want to cut very thin slices of tuna sashimi, one millimeter thick and you wantcut it by dragging your knife through in one direction.

Do not saw because that will ruinit.

Just very smoothly cut in one direction and create a bunch of sashimi slices justlike this one.

Okay, once you’ve got your tuna slices,take a half sheet of Nori and you want to lay them down on the Nori just like this,leaving a little gap at the top about one centimeter wide, that’s 2/5 of an inch,and you just want to cover the entire sheet of Nori with your tuna slices, just like so,one after the other put them right next to each other just like this and then you wantto also add the back row again, so just add your slices one after the other taking careto cover the entire sheet of Nori, placing them accurately like so.

Once you’ve put all your tuna slices on just cut any excess that might be droppingoff the edge of your Nori, just like so, and then once you remove that you can start rolling.

Start rolling from the side with the gap in the Nori, and you just want to roll it intoa spiral.

Start with your fingers just rolling it up, you don’t need a rolling mat forthis you can just do it freehand.

Once you’ve got that put it to one side until you needit later.

Now you take your cucumber and you want toslice again a block, the same length as a half sheet of Nori is wide, so just abouthere and then you want to cut just to the side of the seeds.

So where the seeds arejust a little bit off center and cut all the way across, just like so.

Then you want tomake this block a little bit more rectangular so you want to take the curve off the top.

Place your knife a little bit into it and just chop down just like so.

This is goingto be the snail body so the front of the snail will be flat so just cut straight down, andthen you need to find out how long the snail body is, so take your tuna roll and placeit on top to figure out exactly how wide it has to be.

The backend of the snail has tobe at a 45 degree angle cut, just remove the skin of the cucumber, just like so, and youget that curve of a snail body.

Alright, so now you take a piece of Nori andjust add a little bit of sushi rice by squishing it at one of the edges like so, and then youtake another half sheet of Nori and just overlap it with the first one and press it down.

Thiscreates a long sheet of Nori.

Now you take 120-grams of cooked and seasonedsushi rice and you start spreading it from one side of your sheet to the other coveringabout three quarters of your long sheet.

If you don’t know how to make sushi rice,check out the link in the description below.

Now you take 10-grams of sushi rice and placeit about halfway through your patch of sushi rice and just create a thin tall wall of rice,just like so.

After that you take 15-grams of sushi rice and create an adjacent wallright next to the one you just made and it has to be a little bit taller and one fingerwidth away from the first one.

Just take your time and make sure it’s as good as possible,and after that you’re going to want to take 20-grams of sushi rice and again create anotherwall right next to the last one you just made, but a little bit taller and just as thick.

Okay, after that’s done then you want to take two strips of Nori, one a little bitwider than the other, as you can see, and you want to take the shorter strip of Noriand just place it in between the first two walls with your stick of carrot at the bottom.

Then you want to take your wider one and place it in between the last two walls, again withyour stick of carrot in the bottom.

Then you just want to press the two walls togethergoing to the left (or in the video to the right) and closing them at an angle, justlike so.

Now you take your tuna roll and just placeit right next to the first wall and make sure that the seal is facing upwards.

Then youtake your cucumber snail body and place it on top with the tail facing this way and makingsure that the leading edge connects with the Nori right there.

Just move it into place,once it’s in place add 10-grams more of sushi rice here on this side as filler.

Once that’s done you’re going to want to roll this, so bring this side up and overand then you bring the other side up and over and close it.

You can cut off the excess Norihere or you can just wrap it around like so and then you want to take your mat and compressit just like this and then tuck in the sides by pressing it in with your hand, like so,and then tuck in the other side again by pressing it in.

Compress one more time and then cut,so if we’re cutting I’m going to take my sharp knife at wet it in water so the ricedoesn’t stick to it as much and just slice through just like so.

Then you’ve got this beautiful snail sushi which looks kind of cute.

You can change theingredients to whatever you want; this is the basics just to get the idea of what youcan do with this.

There you go, snail sushi done!Alright, this is the end of the video and hopefully now you know how to make a snailsushi roll.

I hope you use these new found skills to impress some of your friends.

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