Pizza Balls (Italian Takoyaki Recipe)

This beer, delicious.

I love beer.

Snacks something of beer there? called? Today, everyone.

What you want to eat? Takoyaki there? Octopus is gone.

How Pizaboru? How nice.

Let's start.

2 eggs You beaten.

Flour 130g Baking powder 2 tsp Salt 1/4 tsp Well you together.

Mix put the beaten egg.

Water 360ml to put little by little.

Mix well until smooth.

Apply oil to the takoyaki device, Pour the dough.

Peperoni (salami) mushroom cheese green pepper Until the edge comes dry and bake for 2 to 3 minutes.

Turn off the edge like bamboo skewer.

It then returns flipping.

About 3 minutes and bake.

Within that suffer many times, it will be a beautiful ball.

Over cheese Put the pizza sauce.

Sprinkle the basil Pizaboru still? Could I could.

This is the Pizaboru.

Thank you.

I because hot.

Cheese plenty.


Cheese is lucky.

Pizaboru, How? delicious.

This would be a good idea.

Thank you.

It is easy to make.

I've been thinking about other things that can make in takoyaki maker, I because octopus is not good people often.

For those pizza like this it is recommended kana.

Today, I put the salami Toka cheese, I Toka Toka vegetables mushrooms.

It was also put green peppers.

I because it is good to put your favorite material.

It very delicious, easy to make.

Where can I buy takoyaki device? But I can buy anywhere you were in Japan.

For those difficult, we've put a link in the description field below.

You can buy online.

Quite a reasonable price.

Quite useful.

Takoyaki not just, Toka baby sponge cake, It's funny.

Toka pancake, It's be considered variously to the other.

If you have any requests and to make something with takoyaki device, Please, write in the comments.

I want to try.

Do Today's recipe was your? Please do let us know.

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