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hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome back to Cait straight up today I'm going to walk you through a favorite recipe of mine and many others penne alla vodka it sounds kind of fancy sometimes it's something that a lot of people order out but it's actually a really easy pasta recipe that you could make at home and why not make yourself right i mean it's so much better to do things home and the best part about my penne alla vodka recipe is that it's gonna pretty much be made in one pot so less dishes super good pasta recipe you can't beat it so we started with about 1 tablespoon of butter and we melted here in my pan that were using stovetop or in my case countertop and we're going to start by sautéing up some chopped garlic and about one small white onion chopped into little chunks like that and we're just gonna pour them into our butter give that a nice stir you're gonna let this go for about one or two minutes just to kind of get it going before you add your pancetta after you get your onions and you're garlic going for your home vodka sauce you're going to go ahead and add about a cup of chopped pancetta so you're just going to swoosh that around a little bit and let that all kind of fry up in your pan until your onions are pretty much translucent now we add the pancetta because it's a really nice kind of fatty meat almost like kind of like a beacon and it adds a really delicious flavor to your home made vodka sauce really good so while you're letting this mixture cook up it's a great time to start boiling your penne so you're just gonna want to get in some water on top of your stove and allow it to boil for about 11 minutes until it's al dente so now it's time to add your next ingredients so we have one large can here of crushed tomatoes and we're going to add two of these into our sauce we're going to lower our heat down to low or completely remove it from the heat all together for this and then we're going to just pour in our two large cans of crushed Tomatoes over our onions garlic and our pancetta you're going to want to give that a real nice stir so that all of your ingredients mix really well together and now it's time to add the vodka all right now it's party time for this sauce we are going to add one cup of vodka I got Tito's here love it that is a lot of vodka that is party and we're going to pour it in to our mixture here after that we're going to add a couple sprinkles of some crushed red pepper now you don't want it to be too spicy it's a vodka sauce not a Fra Diavolo so don't you too much there and then some nice dried parsley so then were gonna give all that a stir and cook it on high for about 7 to 10 minutes until our vodka and our alcohol cooks out of our sauce after that simmer down for about 10 minutes we're going to add our last couple of ingredients some nice chopped fresh Italian parsley 1 cup of heavy cream and last but not least about three-quarters to a cup of shredded Parmesan cheese you're going to mix that all together and allow it to simmer for 10 more minutes on low heat on your stove the heavy cream is what gives your vodka sauce that nice pink color that we're so used to seeing when we ordered penne alla vodka at a restaurant once again you're going to want to keep moving your sauce so it doesn't burn and let it simmer so all the flavors really come together for about 10 minutes and after that 10 minutes when your sauce all simmered and your noodles are all done it's time to mix it all together and make a delicious pasta dish so go ahead and just ladel your sauce to your liking over the pasta that you're going to serve we'll just do this so after you get a couple scoops and just give it a toss and then you could always add more which i'm definitely going to do because this sauces is unbelievable but just toss up your pasta and then continue to add until you are satisfied i'm going to do about two more scoops here this was just one box a penny I love sauce yeah three, three for good luck right and then again just toss it on up get all your pasta completely covered garnish with a little bit more parm cheese and some more parsley give that another nice big stir so our parm cheese melts and oh my god the finished product when it is all plated looks so good guys and it tastes even better subscribe to Cait straight up please guys for more fun recipes every tuesday if you have a request make sure to do that below this video or tweet at me @caitstraightup questions to anything you want to ask me go ahead and include that as well and other than that guys I cannot wait to see you next time.

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