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Authentic World Food notes How to cook Nasi goreng Hey, there's Bo` on the road and Authentic World Food.

I was in Bali, Indonesia.

This is a family manufactory salt.

There are always treated in the traditional way.

More about her treatment will soon read on my blog.

Today I'll show you how to cook nasi goreng ayam, which is fried rice with chicken.

Just as with most meals do without salt and Indonesia, would be complete without this traditional dish, across the country who find 1000 ways.

Today's recipe is sauce kecap manis and filmed him at a street restaurant on the island of Lombok.

So at first egg mixed and poured it into the wok with hot oil for a few seconds he turns.

Then there is added a preformed mixture of ingredients such as onions, garlic, fresh turmeric and ginger.

So, for half a minute there happens cooked rice.

It is better if not completely freshly brewed.

1 day old is totally awesome.

Then add cabbage, glutamate (unfortunately) and salt and chicken torn into strips.

Chicken is precooked.

Everything's Fry for about 2 minutes.

When mixing dilutes the egg spoon.

If you do not cook in a wok and stir over an open fire, be aware that everything will take longer.

Just before the end add hot sauce.

And now comes the most important, is the most popular Indonesian sauce, kecap manis.

Well, that's it.

You can put it on its own or with crackers, as it served here.

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