Making Curry – Japanese titbits

JAPANESE weeeeeetjessss ~ Yo! Kattebel here.

As anyone who has looked a decent amount of anime will know, Japanese people make when camping 99% of the time kare- (or curry) for dinner.

Fortunately, we live a little while ago at a Japanese family where the mother was kind enough to remind us of this fact.

= D She went so far as to make us a packet of curry gift.

On top of some of the onions we harvested along with her.

As you in this video here to see ~ Or, you can click on the link below in the description if you look at your mobile.

Erhm, and they have given ourselves some of their rice grown themselves, so: (Arigatou gozaimasu!) THANK YOU! (^ _ ^) / So all we had to do was give (Annemiek: roots), buying potatoes and meat.

And when we were ready for some Japanese curry to cobble together.

We go for it ~ Oh, PS As you may have already noticed due to different lighting conditions, we had to shoot this video the day after we made the rete oily curry.

Verklap Alert: It was delicious! : D Potato.

~~ Onion.

~~ root ~~ ~ Meat ~ Pa Chinto kare- Curry ~ ~ Yes Woehh ~ ~ Rice ~ Now wait and see.

Okay, so one pan of rice have become two pots with rice.

^ _ ^ " Smells so lekkerrrr.

Hmm ~ Hmm, oishii ~ (delicious) Okay, so we just opgesmuld our curry.

Um, and if I may be honest it was amazingly delicious.

We half expected it would be a vague Japanese version of curry.

With lots of sugar and whatnot.

Especially, since the flavor was Apple & Honey.

But no, it was more or less normle curry, just like the stuff I make at home.

Yup, and Jeroen and I have been a while since 5 months, went to South Africa.

And they've got a lot of bunny chow, which is curry with bread.

So we tried a little of the bread with the curry and it was more or less the same as the stuff they have there.

So everything taken together, a great success.

πŸ™‚ Yup.

We also have these mandarin oranges, which we consume now.

^ _ ^ For dessert.

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πŸ™‚ Verklaperert.

Kuuu ~~ * * Verklapelert throat clearing.

kuu ~~ Verklap.




* Sigh * As you might.

Vern heard, heard.


* Sound of mental pain * It was delightful.

Verrrrrukkelijk ~~ * Shakes head in affirmation *.

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