Macaroni Pasta Recipe – Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Recipe Video in Hindi with English Subtitles

Namaste, I'm Lata Jain, Welcome to Lata's Kitchen Macaroni is liked by all and especially kids Today, I'm going to make Macaroni Pasta, Lets see the ingredients required for making it For this, we'll need Here 1 Cup = 250 ml Macaroni – 1 Cup Capsicum – 1, medium iszed Tomatoes – 2, medium sized Tomato Sauce – 2 tbsp Green Chilli Sauce – 1 tsp Black Pepper Powder – 1/4 tsp Salt – 1 tsp, adjust to taste Oil – 2 1/2 tbsp Cilantro – 2 tbsp, chopped Sugar – 2 tsp Carom Seeds – 1/4 tsp Water – 1 liter Lets start making macaroni Boil water in a large vessel Meanwhile, chop capsicum into small pieces Water has been boiling, now add 1/2 tbsp oil into it Add 1/2 tsp salt Now add macaroni to this boiling water Boil it till it gets soft Now blend tomatoes in a blender Keep stirring macaroni in a while Lets check the macaroni, It is soft and done boiling Turn off the gas Remove the extra water through a strainer Add some cold water over it Heat oil in a pan Oil is heated, add carom seeds Carom seeds has changed color, now lower the gas and add capsicum Turn gas to high now Saute it for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes Add tomato puree into it Oil has started to separate out, add sugar Add black pepper powder and salt Mix well Add macaroni Add tomato sauce and chilly sauce Mix well Turn off the gas Garnish with cilantro Take it out into a plate Macaroni is ready It is very tasty, you can serve it as snack, prepare it for a party or pack it in tiffin for kids If you liked my recipe, please hit like button on this video and subscribe to my channel for more tasty Indian recipe videos Thanks for watching Macaroni Pasta.

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