Korean style Curry Rice (Ka-re rice: 카레라이스)

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Today we are going to makeKorean-style curry rice.

One-bowl meal.

It's very easy, easy andsimple and delicious recipe.

Actually in Korean we say ka-re rice because curry we pronounce ka-re.

This is package of curry powder.

This is not only curry inside.

Also it has a lot of otheringredients including starch.

You can get this packageat a Korean grocery store.

So cheap.

Two ninety-nine.

Also you can choose mild or spicy.

I choose a little spicy.

I'm going to use pork but you can use other meat like beef or chicken breast.

Just simple vegetables.

Potatoes, onion and carrot.

Also I'm making rice.

When I was in theuniversity with my friends we used to go hiking andthen this was a perfect dish because very simple to make and delicious.

So let's start.

Two medium-size potato.

Two potatoes I peeled.

Both like around 10 ounceto 12 ounce should be And also I'll just, this oneis already peeled and washed.

A carrot.

I'm goingto use just this amount.

And onion, this amount.

I'm going to chop these all vegetables and put them on this plate.

Cut into cubes.

Same size.

Cut it this.

And then carrot.

I always cut into really small pieces because when you makethis, usually children don't like to eat a big chunk of carrot.

So I always like make really small pieces.

Around quarter-inch cubes.

Vegetables are done.

So threecolorful vegetables done.

And then, meat.

I'm goingto use a pork loin part.

Cut this around half a pound.

Small size, cut this.

Now all cutting is done.

My vegetables and pork isall cut into small pieces.

And, now, this is curry powder.

Just before cooking I like to mix this with water.

100 grams, one package, awhole package I'm using.

Then let's put this in abowl.

Smells curry smell.

Look at this color is very yellow.

half a cup water.

And mix.

We have really thickyellow kind of mixture.

I will use two tablespoons ofunsalted butter.

Long time ago when I madethis, my kare-rice, I always used margarine at the time.

But when I used butter, theflavor's much, much better.

So I'm going to usebutter.

Two tablespoons.

Use medium-high heat.

Add pork.

I'm going to stir-fry around a couple of minutes until pork is no longer pink.

And then, after that, I'mgoing to add this potato.

And then potato.

I'm going to stir thisfor a couple of minutes until potato looks little half translucent.

And then carrot and onion.

When me and my friends wenthiking we always reserved Okay, you bring some vegetables.

You bring some make itcold like some meat.

And then, okay, I'll bring my pot.

We need at least liketwo pots, large pots.

One pot is making rice.

The other pot, large pot, we just make.

And all together.

One person is cutting.

One person is washing.

One person is stir-frying.

And then worked together quickly.

In 30 minutes we makedelicious curry rice.

If you guys go campingjust follow this one.

Korean-style kare-rice! Sothink about me if you make it.

(laughs) Keep stirring so that it's not burning.

And then I think we can add water here.

This is two and half cups water.

I'm going to turn down the heat to medium.

And then cook 10 to 12 minutesuntil potatoes are really well-cooked and also allthe carrots are tender.

Then I"m going to add this curry mixture.

And stir this.

When you see this thickened because the powder has some starch.

Ah, done.

Mmm, good.

I'm always happy to eat rice.

Stir this so that it'snot going to burn bottom.

Very good.

And then let's serve.

I'm so hungry.

Here you go! Today we made curry rice.

Korean-style curry rice.

Ka-re rice.

Let me taste it! Nice, beautiful yellow color.

And juicy.

Oh my, Smells good! (giggles) Mmm.



Smooth andsoft, juicy and savory.

I want to tell you, when you eat this definitely eat with kimchi.

Between your curry rice scoop crispy sweet sour kimchi really go well together.

Whenever I taste my curry rice, actually I was talkingabout this in my cookbook, I can't help thinkingabout my grandmother.

She's a wonderful cook.


She's my hero.


One day in my high-schoolday I made this curry rice.

That was kind of new food at the time.

Grandmother taste it forthe first time in her life.

She was so shocked.

Wow! What is it? So delicious.

What is it? Oh my.

My granddaughteris number one cook! She really enjoyed thiscurry rice that I made.

So whenever I make thisI'm thinking about her.

I miss her.

She already passedaway long, long time ago.

Enjoy my recipe.

See you next time! Bye.

(upbeat music).

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