Korean Spicy Sauce Recipe

Welcome back to another cooking video.

I’mChef Devaux, and today I’m going to teach you how to make a Korean Spicy Sauce thatyou can add to delicious barbecue, grilled food, or deep fried food and it just makesit so delicious, as long as you like spicy food.

If you don’t like spicy food thenthis one’s not for you.

With nothing more to be said let’s get cooking—let’sdo this! First thing you want to do is take some sesameseeds and place them into a pan and you want to just toast them for a little bit.

Justbring the heat up and cook them for about 3 to 4 minutes and shake them about like this,and this will release the essential aromas inside and the oils and just freshen and livenup the smells and taste of the sesame seeds.

Once that’s done you’re going to wantto put this to one side, then you’re going to take your 100 grams of Gochujang Paste,which is a Korean fermented chili paste.

This is awesome stuff.

100 grams of that will makethe base of the sauce and then I’m going to add 26 grams of sugar, followed by 20 gramsof sake, and 20 grams of soya sauce, and then 30 grams of freshly juiced apple juice, 8grams of garlic, and 6 grams of sesame seeds, the toasted ones I just toasted from the pan.

And last but not least 20 grams of sesame seed oil.

Simply mix this in together with a spoon until the sugar dissolves into the liquid, and that’sreally it.

It’s the simplest sauce you can make, as long as you’ve got all the ingredientsyou just mix them together and done.

It’s that simple.

This is just an amazing sauce,like I said you can add this to a lot of things.

There we go, this is how you make that Korean-styleSpicy Sauce.

Go ahead, make this at home and put it on everything you can find to eat,even an apple.

No, don’t put it on that, it would be bad.

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