Korean Lettuce Salad (Sangchu-geotjeori: 상추겉절이)

(upbeat music) – Hi everybody.

What are you doing today? It's Saturday here.

Usually, I make rice with my rice cooker but Saturday morning, relaxing, and I make some brunch, and I decide to make some rice, a small amount with my pot.

And also, I make a soup.

Beef radish soup.

So I wanna make somethingfresh, salad-like.

Why don't we make Sangchu-geotjeori? Sangchu is lettuce.

We make it geotjeori style.

Geotjeori is something like a Korean salad mixed with Korean seasoning,hot pepper flakes, soy sauce, garlic.

This is a ½ pound lettuce.

Actually it's around 10oz, but after removing this core, probably it'll be ½ pound.

So this is cold water, and split this lettuce like this.

(water running) And then wash it this way.

This lettuce is very clean, but sometimes I see the dirt between the leaves.

We have to really clean nicely.

And then do one more time like this.

This bowl I'm going to use to mix.

And then let's just drainthe water like that.

I'm going to just shaking.

Shaking like this, to remove excess water.

Shake, shake! There you go.

This bowl we are goingto mix all seasoning.

Super easy, you'll besurprised how fast it is.

Be sure to make this just before serving.

All families are just ready to eat.

All soup is done, rice is done, or more side dishes done.

And then this is just before serving, you should mix this.

Otherwise, the water come out.

Let's start withgarlic, two garlic cloves.

Probably you guys are smashing garlic just like me.

Are you? (laughs) Garlic.

And green onion, chopped green onion.

And then this onion.

Onion, around ¼ cupamount, sliced thinly.

Just split this.

And then let's season.

Soy sauce, two tablespoons.

It's a dark soy sauce.

One, two tablespoons.

Little bit fish make it taste like a little kimchi.

So one teaspoon fish sauce.

If you like to make a vegetarian version, don't use the fish sauce.

Use just a little more soy sauce.

And then, we need some little sweet, so one teaspoon sugar.

And then I'm going to use vinegar.

It's one tablespoon.

And then hot pepper flakes.

How much hot pepper flakes? It depends on your choice.

I'm going to use two tablespoons, but you can use one tablespoon, or you don't have to use.

One, two.

So all delicious stuff is in here, and then I'm going to addsesame oil, one tablespoon.


We used some sugar here, sountil sugar is well melted you can mix this.

Okay, done.

Next, lettuce.

So I'm using green lettuce today.

You can use red leaf lettuce or Romaine, any type of lettuce, you can use.

Or even the arugula you can use.

Or bok choy, you know, freshbok choy you can eat it.

Any green vegetables you can use this.

But today, we make only sangchu-geotjeori.

It's a lettuce, lettuce geotjeori.

Some of lettuce like you got this, and bite size pieces,so let's tear like this.

And here, one, two, three, four leaves and just cut in half like that.

(lettuce ripping) You could use a knife,cut into bite-size pieces but I like this geotjeori style, sangchu-geotjeori, especially, I like the irregular kind of size.

Make it look really more tasty.

And then mix.

You can use your bare hand, or you can use this disposable plastic glove.

It's for cooking, Koreangrocery store you can buy this one easily.

So usually, I just use my bare hand, but today I feel like using this.

Why not? Okay, like this, and mix.

Smells really good.

Sesame oil smell, and thismixture of sweet, sour and garlicky sesame oil,this is a very familiar, whenever I just smellthis, my mouth waters.


Okay, and then, this is sesame seeds.

Toasted sesame seeds, very crispy crunchy.

Let's use all the leftover.

See, huge platter.

This is sangchu-geotjeori,this is already look generous and festive mood.

And then, see? (laughs) And then I'm going tosprinkle more sesame seeds.

Oh my.

So this is the spinach.

I want more green stuff,so spinach side dish.

Sigeumchi-namul, I made this.

My rice is done, made with rice and barley and black beans.

So this is my brunch.

Rice, soup, and sangchu-geotjeori.

I don't need kimchi today, because it tastes like kimchi, and fresh kimchi.

And, spinach side dish.

So let me taste.

First I want some soup.

Ah, delicious, savory.

I used the brisket andradish, Korean radish.

And then first, I like tohave some hot, warm rice.


(crunching) Mmm.

So tasty, and crunchy, crispy, and also sweet, sour,spicy and a little bit like a fish sauce flavor.

It makes me not miss my kimchi, because it tastes like kimchi.

Today we made really simpleand delicious side dish.

And cheap! Ingredients are so cheap.

Why not making this? Make this sangchu-geotjeori,and enjoy my recipe.

See you next time! Bye!.

Source: Youtube