Korean honey butter fried chicken (허니버터치킨)

– Hello, everybody! Today, we are going tomake honey butter chicken.

In Korean, ha nee beoteo chikin! The same.

In my last video, I showed you how to cut up a whole chicken, around a chicken weighs four pounds.

I cut it up, and then made two packages.

One package, in one plastic bag, I put the chicken breasts.

This is the rest of that.

I kept it in the freezer, and this morning, I just thawed out.

A little more than two pounds;two pounds four ounces.

Instead of this, you guys can prepare two pounds of chicken wings.

Then we are going tomake delicious chicken.

I left Korea a long time ago, but last year, I visited Korea.

I knew there, I saw a lot of Koreans were crazy about honey butter flavor.

Honey butter chip, honey butterbla bla, honey butter nuts.

I tasted it, it tasted so good! So I thought that maybe Ishould develop this recipe, even though my dakgangjeong,my previous yangnyeom-tongdak Korean fried chicken recipes are super super popular on YouTube,but this one is also.

I'm sure that you guys will love it.

So it was frozen, you know, includingall these backbones.

Yeah, you remember? If you saw my video,probably, you remember.

To make this honey butter chicken, I like to cut it upinto small pieces like chicken wings,small-size chicken wings.

You saw this from my channel intro.

I'm using this.

So I'm going to cut itup a little smaller.

Small size, this is going to be.

Quickly cooked, and also more tasty.

My last one, that's it.

I cut it up, it lookslike more than before.

It looks like it was increased in amount.

It can't be! I'm heating up my oil, this corn oil, four cups of corn oil,while I'm preparing this.

I'm going to make a batterand mix with my chicken.

Chicken first.

Salt, half a teaspoon.

And some ground black pepper.

Quarter teaspoon.

This is potato starch.

Potato starch, I'm goingto use a quarter cup.

And this is flour, all-purpose flour, quarter cup, same amount.

I like to use half ateaspoon of baking powder to make it fluffy and crunchy.

And then, egg.

I will add two eggs.

And then, let's mix.

How many times I'm supposed to fry this? Yay, you guys are right! Double fry, always double fry.

And I just mix this very nicely to coat so that all this batteris all coated well.

Okay, what I'm lookingfor, temperature is 350F.

And then, let's fry.

This is my 12-inch pan, skillet.

I will just add all thistwo-pound chicken here.

Let it cook.

So I'm cooking over high heat, because it's all crowded here.

So around five minutes, I fried this.

Now I see the bottompart is a little crunchy, it's time to flip over,and disconnect if these guys are connected.

If you cannot cut upchicken because it's too scary, then you can ask your butcher.

Say, "Please cut it up into small pieces, "like chicken wing size.

" It'll be perfect.

I feel this is reallysoft, it's not crunchy.

We have to keep cooking.

From the very beginning,it took 20 minutes just to make crunchy chicken.

And now, eventually, it is all crunchy.

So I'm going to take it out one by one.

Most crunchy one first.

Keep flipping over.

Keep flipping over while you are cooking so that all sides shouldbe really crunchy.

The color is very beautiful.

I never turned off this heat.

This is a second fry.

A lot of people ask me, "Between the first fry and second fry, "how many minutes do you have to wait?" Actually, not many minutes,just in one minute.

So again, bubbling,there's a lot of bubbles.

It's busy cooking! Now I'm going to makesauce, honey butter sauce.

We need two garlic cloves.

Chicken and garlicalways go well together.

Look at this color, so beautiful.

Golden brown, crunchy crunchy.

And too crunchy guys, first take it out.

It looks like popcorn chicken.

This is the second fry.

I just fried only seven to eight minutes, but you see everybody's heat is different.

Always check out.

Don't burn.

Turn off.

Okay, next, I'll make sauce.

I need honey, sugar, anda little bit of soy sauce.

These are pumpkin seeds, optional, but pumpkin seeds' color, green color is really pretty, turns out so pretty, so you guys can use these.

Sugar, honey.

oh, I forgot butter! I will bring my butter! So one, two, three,four, four tablespoons.

Add this.

Now we need garlic.

Just wait until this garlic is a little crispy and fragrant.

Wow, butter is really bubbling now.

And then we need to addsoy sauce, two teaspoons.

And sugar, quarter cup.

And then, honey.

We gotta add some honey, right? two teaspoons.

Honey is for only just honey flavor.

If you add too much honey,it's going to be mushy.

So I like to just add alittle bit in the last minute.

Looks awesome.

It's all bubbling now.

Let's put this directly.

And I told you, quartercup of pumpkin seeds.

It's going to be really tasty Honey butter chicken.

Be careful, very hot, soslowly slowly, well coated! This is parchment paper.

It's really buttery smell.

Let me taste! Are you curious about what it is? Water, just water.

Hello, everybody.

Today, we made honey butter chicken! hani butteo chikin! Taste.

Sweet, crunchy, buttery, honey flavor.


Delicious, delicious.

Make this for your family,friends, and party.

You'll be really, really popular.

This is a non-spicy version, but really buttery and honey-garlicy, and tasty.

No wonder why allKoreans love this flavor.

Enjoy my recipe.

See you next time! Bye!.

Source: Youtube