Japanese food

Hi, guys! Today, I'll show you how to cook "Okonomiyaki" that is one of Japanese food.

Okonomiyaki is one of the most famous Japanese food in the world.

It's one of my favorite Japanese food.

Because I can easily get ingredients at supermarkets and I can easily cook it.


I'll show you how to cook! Ingredients are Weak Flour 300g Cabbage 300g 3 Eggs Water 300ml Baking Powder 5g( If you have it) That is all.

Okonomi means your favorite.

You can bake that is your favorite ingredients like pork or squid.

First, put eggs into the bowl with weak flour.

And mix them in a bowl while adding water.

And add baking powder.

And when they are mixed, add cabbage into the bowl.

I'm ready to bake.

Let's cook it! First, cook your favorite ingredients.

And add all ingredients that I mixed.

Cook it like a pancake.

I'll wait 3 minutes.

(3分でした) After this side is done, turn it over.

Add mayonnaise and Okonoimyaki sauce.

It's ready to eat! Just try to cook! Thank you for watching.

Source: Youtube