Italian Tiramisu Recipe │ Mi Terruno Food

Hello are Morella Mi Terruño Food and today I want to teach you how to make the classic Tiramisú the Tiramisú is a dessert that my clients I always chieodono I do a catering job for the good and delicious even if it is a sweet very easy to do There are two secrets to making a good Tiramisú two secret I want to share with you and if you want to see more recipe remembers sottocriverti to my channel so you never prederai more a recipe !! separate the yolks is the egg whites in two different bowls add the egg yolks 6 tablespoons sugar until there is a cream Also mount the egg whites whipping cream add whipped cream to cuchiaio cream spoon stirring without stopping then add the Mascarpone poquino to poquino stirring Repeat the same procedure with the egg whites I then again slam the cream very slowly to get an even more smooth cream TIP: a way of making the cream is one of the secrets to a good Tiramisú wet the Savoyards in the coffee previously cooled TIP: the Savoyards have to be wet and not too wet They begin to make plied the Savoyards and cream until arriving at the end of the container once plied him are finished covering it with plastic card and put it in the fridge until the next day the next day it will be a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

Source: Youtube