Italian Meatball Recipe

Do You Love Italian Meatballs? Would You Love a Healthy Version Well Check Out Best Nutrition's Healthy Italian Meatballs Ok so here is what you need You need some Mushrooms Meatballs Courgetti Spaghetti Plum Tomatoes Red Onion Some Chillis Chunky Chopped Tomatoes Red and Green Chillis (again) And some Garlic And this is what you do Into a hot pan Add some Red Onion Cook until brown 2 – 5 minutes should do Then add your Meatballs Then add your Garlic Then Add Your Chillis Then Add Your Plum Tomatoes Your Mushrooms Cook for a little bit And then add your Chunky Chopped Tomatoes Then we have our Best Nutrition Secret Ingredient.

Add Some Fiery Chilli Pesto Or a pesto of your choice Whatever you fancy GET IN THERE Cook for about 15 – 20minutes And there you have it – Italian Meatballs.

Source: Youtube