Italian Cheese Dumplings

Howard:One food trend that I've been hearing a lot about lately is something called Gnudi.

Not being sure what it was, I looked it up,and discovered it means "naked" in Italian.

At first I was thinking, "What kind of trendis this?" But the more I read about it, the more I learned,it refers to a dish that means "naked ravioli.

" Because, it's like the filling of ravioliwithout the pasta part around it.

Let me show ya! We begin by combining a container of ricottacheese with a couple of eggs and an egg yolk.

Some Parmesan cheese, flour, and a littlesalt and pepper.

Once that's mixed, we drop teaspoons of the dough onto a floured baking sheet.

We found that the easiest way to do this isby using two spoons: One to scoop the dough, and the other to pushit off.

Once we do that to all the dough, we sprinkleon a bit more flour, this way they won't stick.

Now, we gently drop these into a pot of boilingwater.

We'll do this in batches so that the pot doesn'tget too crowded.

After they float to the top, we simmer fora few more minutes until they're cooked through.

Now we saute them in a buttery garlic sauceuntil they just start to get golden.

Finish 'em off with some Parmesan and digin! I hope you'll go online and try what we callItalian Cheese Dumplings so you can shake up pasta night with something new that's reallytasty! I'm Howard in the Mr.

Food Test Kitchen wheretoday, we're looking for an exciting way for you to say, "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®".

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