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welcome to BBQ food for you the backyard barbecue show I'm Jason King today i'm going to be showing everyone a great way to cook up a whole chicken with layers of Italian flavors there's a chicken on be cooking today quickly wait up it weighs in at three pounds seven point four ounces if your chicken is trussed up cut and remove the string wrapped the bird start by removing any excess fat can see this nice chunk here nothing but a piece of fat so that's going to come off same with the other side next step is to dry brine the chicken dry brine is simply sprinkle it on some kosher salt it's going to help retain the moisture in the meat and amp up the flavor take a little pinch of salt sprinkle it about eight inches above so you get a nice even coated then flip the chicken over and get the other side once the chicken has a nice coating assault place it in a large ziploc bag and into the fridge for a minimum of three hours to make the robber pace for the chicken i'm starting with 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil to that i have one tablespoon of Clubhouse Italian seasoning in that it's majorem thyme rosemary sage oregano and basil into that i have one teaspoon of onion powder 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1 teaspoon of black pepper simply take the ingredients mix them in with the extra virgin olive oil give it a good stir after three hours of just took the chicken out of the fridge hope you can see but assault on the skin has all been absorbed into the meat now simply take your urban oil mixture just pour it into the bag going to loosely seal up the bag and shake it around to get a nice even coating once the chicken is coated place it back in the fridge minimum for one hour to get flavor on the inside the chicken going to be using Kraft zesty Italian dressing as an injection but first you want to strain it out there's big chunks of garlic red pepper so just remove them so they don't get stuck in the needle of the injector use a spoon stir it around make a little quicker Phil injector needle with zesty Italian dressing place inject a needle at the top of the chicken breast go in to slowly start injecting it move the needle around get different angles and you'd be surprised how much liquid a chicken can take in going to the other side as well see the breast just plumps up here move the needle around a few times give it a quick slow squeezes go in from the back of the chicken get the needle up into the thigh and inject there as well move it over get right into the drumstick from here without having to break the skin just move it around get a little injection repeat on the other side now the chickens ready to go on the BBQ you have several different options on how to cook it this is a vertical roasting stand for turkeys or chicken works really good you always got your rotisserie chicken on the rotisserie is always great or if you have one of these vishay Bragg's BBQ sit at 325 degrees take a peek so that for indirect cooking calls on one side avoid side on the other where the chickens gonna go let's go get that bird place the chicken on the void side of the cooker then take the pieces that would them directly on the hot coals get the lid on with event over the chicken after 25 minutes here's a quick peek everything's looking really good use this big spatula turn the chicken around just to ensure even cooking get the lid back on startech check the temperatures in about 15 minutes after 40 minutes check on the chicken place a good digital thermometer into the thickest part of the breast meat you're looking for an internal temperature of 165 after 70 minutes a total cooking time this chicken is done now it's time for the real test slice into the breast meat take a peek skins nice and crispy look at how juicy that is that of can see the injection in there too just dripping with juice nice flavor this chickens absolutely awesome jam-packed with those time herds and seasoning plus that injection I hope you give this a try it's easy to do barbecue food for you tiny.

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