How to Make Chor Muang (Thai Royal Steamed Dumplings)

Hi guys, it's Jackie M here and I'm reallyexcited.

This is my second last day in Chiang Mai and I finally have been able to trackdown Chef Wassana here at the Shangri-la Chiang Mai.

And Chef Wassana is famous at this hotelfor her Thai cooking skills.

And today, she's going to show me some Thai snacks which areapparently a specialty in this part of Thailand.

And back in the day, they were specificallymade for royalty.

This is called Chor Muang, is that right?Yes, Chor Muang.

Chor Muang, okay.

My Thai is atrocious butyou understand what I mean.

And I wanna show you what it looks like.

It's absolutely beautiful.

Here you go.

I don't know how I'm going to manage to makethis, this is so delicate.

And basically what it means, apparently, is like a purple bouquet.

And the purple is extracted from these flowers.

What flower? Anchan flower.

Anchan flower.

We use this in Malaysia, too, actually.

Weuse something similar in Malaysia and we use in the dessert and also in some other Malaysiandishes.

Okay, Chef, you wanna just tell me what theskin is made from? This is made from rice flour and we just got a bit of tapioca flouron the side as well, then we're going to mix it in.

Chor Muang uses chicken and prawn which meansI can eat this.

Chicken is.

fresh prawn and fresh chicken and also it's got a bitof onion, a bit of garlic and palm sugar and white sugar and some salt, and that's it?Okay.

And you cook it for about 15 minutes and this is what it looks like.


And Chef, you're going to have to show me.

This is just rice flour mixed with water and with some colour extracted from these beautifulflowers.

You add some water and then you squeeze out the colour.

Now, I've just put this on something oilyso I've got a bit of oil in it.

So, just like that and is this enough? Yeah.


Rolling up.

Now you just gotta squeeze itinto shape like this, so it's sort of looking like a cone shape a little bit now.


Now, she's got this bad ass tweezers next.

We're gonna steam this and then we'll come back and show you what it looks like.

Steam it for about 10 minutes or so? Yeah.

About 10 minutes.

Okay, so now, we're just gonna put this inthe steamer.

Are these okay? And my ugly ones.

There you go.

She's justgonna drench these with some water before you steam it.

And we'll show you what it looks like whenwe get back.

Okay, guys, so let's see.


there yougo.

Chor Muang, this is what it looks like steamed.

Very, very beautiful.

Do we need to put oil on it or.

? Put oil? Okay.

Chor Muang.

Let me use a spatula to come out, and my uglyones and Chef Wassana's beautiful ones.

Fabulous! There you go.

And I'm gonna try some of thisand let you know what I think.

And thank you so much, Chef.

And as we would say in Malaysia,Selamat Makan.

And how do you say happy eating in Thai? Aloy.

Aloy! Well, there you go.

Thank you very muchguys and I'll catch you next time.

For those who forgot how beautiful they shouldlook, this is Chef Wassana's handiwork over here.

Source: Youtube