How To Cook Thai Curry Chicken-Eggplant-Asian Food Recipes

Hi friends my name is Mai today we are cooking delicious Thai Chicken.

The ingredients you will need are kaffir lime leaves, fresh basil, thai eggplants, red bell-peppers, fish sauce, red curry paste, crushed palm sugar, coconut milk, and chicken thigh meat, if you would like this delicious recipe please visit our website.

first slice the chicken into bite-size pieces after washing off the cutting board slice the vegetables, thai eggplants, red bell-pepper, kaffir lime leaves, and thai basil, now we are ready to cook the chicken, in a large pan on medium-heat add vegetable oil, red curry paste, stir sliced chicken, add coconut milk, thai eggplant, red bell-pepper, fish sauce, crushed palm sugar, chopped kaffir lime leaves, and basil leaves, serve the thai chicken with steamed rice, top with a few basil leaves and here you have delicious Thai Chicken.

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Source: Youtube