Gluten-Free Japanese Curry Rice (RECIPE)

I want to evaporation.

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It is Satoshi.

Is Shinichi.

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Tuesday Today, is the day of the recipes.

From a lot of people, a gluten-free version of the Japanese curry And I want to make you have received the request.

Satoshi will make it today.

let's start.

First material.

To use today, three onions, Two potatoes, One carrot Meat 300g Garlic 2 pieces, ginger 1 clove Curry powder 2 tablespoons 1/2 (by type) Teaspoon salt 1 1/2, pepper appropriate amount Soup (type by 1 – 2) Pepper (if you like) Allspice (qs), two bay Reeves ※ material detail is also in the description field.

First, the preparation from vegetables.

Kitchen knife Leave a.

Of the chopped onion, there is something technique? Only cut.

Cut only.

heard? He explained, Even "just cut only".

Onion has expired.

Tears are·· What what is very or to cut onion, huh this tears.

Us to clean the sure eye.

The next step is off the potatoes.

Small potatoes There are two.

We also used skin.

I because there is a nutrition a lot in the skin.

Cut into bite-size.

Since Shinichi like to is large, Yes Yes.

Potato I love also.

Next carrot.

This is also for each skin.

It will cut like this.

If you want to use for each skin, Let 's Wash the vegetables.

You're busting? Mashed and chopped.

Ginger and grated.

Our cute, is grated bowl of eggplant.

It is meat.

Cut into bite-size.

Today we are pork, You are using any kind? I use the shoulder roast.

Next, fry the onion.

Yes, spatula.

Playing the oil, we can put the whole onion.

I'm I would put all.

Fry until light brown.

It takes time.

How much? 30 minutes Toka more.

Ne 30 minutes.

We have to slowly.

This medium heat? You have to medium high heat.

We're continue to stir-fry.


This is the most difficult thing about this curry.

I'm not difficult, time-consuming.

I because fry until light brown.

This is the important place.

I in order to make gluten-free curry.

Kana about 20 minutes.

It has become considerably better.

Wonder if much after 10 minutes.

Even 10 minutes after.

It has become considerably better.

After Toka 3 minutes? This, I'm remember the days of my children.

As a child? why? Grandma, it made me from time to time.

I put in the omelet.

You mean put the onion in the omelet? Yes Yes.

Always grandpa had been cooking.

Grandma I did not cook.

It did not so much.

Because I much worked out.

Made of this? Kana may be another difficulty.

It since has become brown.

I think so.

It's important to Ppoku thicken the curry.

If you think trying to gluten-free, important.

Looks delicious.

It is this stage.

What Koyo with eggs? Does it make omelet.

After listening to such a story, not that I wanted to eat omelet.

Next'm simmer the vegetables and meat.

Huh? You mean the vegetables and meat placed in a frying pan? Different different.

's Another pot.

I another pot.

roger that.

Fry the garlic.

The oil is have a little, Put the garlic.

How much? Until golden brown.

I'm out the smell of garlic.

Because garlic has been colored, Let Itameyo meat.

Today it's pork for we are using, It may be a chicken in beef.

Vegetarian who ignore.

This, I guess go even Toka tofu.

Deep-fried tofu if go might be.

What happened? Wrist hurts.

Onion because I have fried all the way.

I see.

So this, I say to everyone.

Very What difficult.

Potatoes, please.

Go carrot? How much fry for? A little okay.

Put a fried onion.

– It 's onion crystal of effort.

This is I'm important.

Please give me the water.

Water, use 700ml.

Ginger next? Once Boil at medium high heat.

It was boiling.

Put the bay Reeves.

how many? Two, please.

I two bay Reeves.

It weakens the fire.

Simmer until the passage of the fire in the potatoes.

It was street fire in potatoes.

Put the original soup.

This is a soup broth.

In Japan, it says I consomme.

In the United States I think the broth.

If there is no powder may be a solid? Of course okay solid.

I one solid.

Soon it will take a bay leaf.

do not forget.

It is not I want to eat this.

Bay leaf scent of I like.

Even stew in curry, gives us a very nice smell.

Curry powder It has come to the curry.

Put the salt.

Pepper, Those who like spicy is put a lot.

Ignored otherwise.


Also do is what the? Also to be in the black pepper? All right.


Without the house, it ignores.

Once you look at our other curry of the video, that? Did there not to use Lou? I'm certain.

There tips are a few in order to devise a flavor.

Instant coffee and chocolate, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce it something.

Taking these, curry of taste will be more delicious.

Some people you or put ketchup.

Really it will change the taste when have ketchup.

You can be the taste of their own preferences.

This will stew about 10 minutes later.

I was able to curry.

Dekita! Curry was able to! Looks delicious.

I want rice? This is the curry of the Japanese style of gluten-free.

Love comes in the place of wheat flour.

How? delicious.

It is very tasty.

It is sweetness of the onion.

Oh yeah, I wish not in Toka sugar.

Sweetness of the onion.

It's also necessary sweetness in Japan of curry.


do not stop.

Try to taste it yourself.

Minute there is no flour and Lou, is a little watery.

But That's not a big problem.

This is because the very delicious.

I love you.

Good job.

Thank you.

Since this curry is really delicious, Please by all means let your impressions.

Or Japanese style curry of this gluten-free was how? If curry likes of Japan, please try by all means once.

Well, for the next, I want to ask the help to you.

From what people or people, the request of the bowl material is coming.

One is, and I want to win bowl.

I because I love you.

I because it also contains what you want to eat at the end before I die.

What is the other one is kana good? This is also huh popular.

Win or bowl or bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs I know that the parent-child bowl? Yeah.

Explain? Oyakodon is, but bowl of chicken and eggs.

I chicken-and-egg.

Pork cutlet rice bowl is a bowl using a pork cutlet.

Let's make you either.

Which is good, but please let us know in the comments.

If you enjoy, thank you to all means Sam up.

Share, comments, channel registration thank you.

Since there are many other recipes, please please see.

There is also a dessert.

It is many things.

We look at all means.

See you next time, let's see you.


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