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hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome back to cait straight up I am so excited to share the recipe that we're doing today with you I have been thinking about it all day we are going to make a completely vegetarian and much healthier for you pad thai we're gonna do this recipe using my latest obsession in the kitchen gadget world the veggie bullet it is a three-in-one food prep system where it's spiralizes, it slices and it shreds so it's perfect for this veggie pad thai step 1 guys we need our delicious noodles that are a little bit healthier so we're going to make noodles out of zucchini this uses the spiral izing feature of the veggie bullet it's very easy so we're just gonna chop off the end of our zucchini and get it into our veggie bullet we got our zucchini firmly held on the spiral izing feature we're going to turn it on and hold it firm and push it down so let's get going could it get any easier and how cool is this freaking thing look at oh my goodness perfect zoodles for our pad thai so we do have to chop up our cabbage a little bit i don't normally put cabbage in your pad thai but i actually really like it that way so it's my video that's how we're doing so I'm going to begin to pieces small enough to fit through the shoot here and it's gonna pop out some delicious shredded pieces right into this bowl last step we're going to chop up these peanuts that are delicious in a pad thai gonna pour it in there and push down and we're getting going that's a really nice small chunks of peanuts here it's gonna go delicious in our dish so now is the incredibly fun part it is time to mix together all of our ingredients and get that veggie pad thai to the place where we want it and enjoy it so we're going to start by pouring one fourth of a cup of vegetable oil into a wok and allowing that to heat up a little bit before we add other ingredients when your oil is heated up just a bit it's time to add your garlic so i have two cloves of garlic here then were putting two eggs into our oil and we're going to kind of break it all up as if you were making scrambled eggs alright so you want to continuously move around your egg so that it kind of cooks like so and it doesn't burn so we're just moving it around making sure that all cooks up once our egg is mostly cooked we're adding in our tofu we have some cubed tofu right here and we're just gonna pour that into our wok and squish it all around with the egg in their now while letting your tofu garlic and egg cook together we're going to add 2 tbsp of thai fish oil and we are also going to add a nice heaping teaspoon of chili paste and if you like things a little bit hot you can add a little bit extra couple more ingredients for you guys we have one tablespoon of regular old sugar and we're going to a couple squirts of lime juice just to give it that acidic flavor and then mix up our egg tofu and all of our other ingredients and allow to simmer for about three minutes after a few minutes it is time to add our delicious noodles that we made with our veggie bullet we're going to just pour them right in and get this wok completely stirred up so all of our ingredients are mixed together so just give it a nice stir and again you're going to allow this to simmer down let your veggie noodles to cook for 5 to 10 minutes or so you're gonna want to toss your pad thai here because you don't want anything sticking to your pan as you're allowing that to simmer it's time to add your last ingredients we have a cup and a half of Japanese bean sprouts we have our chopped up peanuts that we did and we have some red pepper flakes to taste of course don't do too hot if you don't like spicy and we're going to give this all of good mix for another three to five minutes in the last minute of cooking we're going to add our cabbage about a cup and some nicely thick kind of cut i like big pieces in my pad thai we're going to do some nice big pieces of green onion so this is about the last one to two minutes of cooking you're going to turn it on and really kind of fry it up and there you have it a delicious homemade pad thai recipe that we used all three settings on my new fun veggie bullet it was phenomenal it was easy and it smells delicious if you want a veggie bullet of your own go to nutraliving.

Com, walmart, kohls target, bed bath they all have it get one for yourself but as always guys I do simple easy everyday recipes on this channel so if you do not have a veggie bullet you can enjoy this pad thai recipe as well subscribe to cait straight up for more fun recipes every tuesday please tweet at me or comment below this video make some requests I love to honor them and this was fun I can't wait to see you next time.

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