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Kimbap is a healthy snack that, with a littlepractice, can be quick and easy to make.

It makes a perfect lunchbox filler for yournext hike or a nice party plate.

Kimbab is a healty, convenient food that youcan find everywhere in Korea.

Kimbab is simply ‘gim’, which is dried,pressed seaweed sheets and ‘bab’ which is steamed rice.

It might be a little tricky to make at first.

We’ll try to show you the best method togetting it right the first time.

Our two basic ingredients are kim and rice.

When you go to the store, you might find differenttypes of kim.

Look specifically for kimbab kim, which isdesigned to hold the steamed rice without falling apart.

You can use short-grain white rice for thebest results.

Using brown rice offers a healthier option,but since brown rice doesn’t stick together very well, adding a little sweet or glutinousrice will help.

You’ll need the following ingredients forthe filler: Sea salt, kimbab ham, crab meat, eggs andcarrots.

Cucumber is normally used, but here we usedsesame leaves or 깻잎 ggaetnip.

단무지 danmuji or pickled radish and 우엉조림oo-eong-jo-rim or burdock root are the two special ingredients you’ll need to make‘authentic’ street kimbab.

Finally, you’ll need some sesame oil forimproved flavor and texture.

First, you’ll want to cook the rice.

While the rice is cooking, you can preparethe other ingredients.

Here we make a plain omelet.

Whisk some eggs and heat up a frying pan.

When the pan is warmed up, add some oil thenadd the whisked egg.

With a spatula, work the egg as you see untilit is just slightly runny.

Start rolling the egg and once you have awide strip, lightly press down to flatten the omelet so it cooks thoroughly.

Flip until it is a little brown on both sides.

Place the omelet on a plate and allow it tocool down for several minutes.

Once it’s cool, cut the omelet length-wiseinto strips about a quarter-inch wide.

The carrot, cucumber or sesame leaves shouldbe cut in thin strips.

If you bought the ham or crab meat, pickledradish and burdock root already made, it should be cut to size already.

Otherwise, cut these ingredients into thinstrips.

Once the rice is cooked, place a few scoopsin a mixing bowl.

Add salt and a little bit of sesame oil for flavor and mix.

Here, we’reusing 죽염jugyeom or bamboo salt which is a healthy alternative to salt.

Also we usea mixture of brown rice and glutinous rice.

Lay one sheet of kimbab kim on your counter-top.

Take a scoop of rice and place it towardsthe side you’ll be rolling from.

Spread the rice evenly, leaving the top quarterempty.

If the rice is sticking to the spatula, dipit in water.

Once the rice is evenly covered, place a couplestrips of each of the other ingredients.

Now roll the kimbab.

Lift the bottom with your thumbs and pressdown a bit as you roll.

Give the roll a squeeze and press down tomake sure it will stick together later when you cut it into slices.

If it bulges or breaks, you probably havetoo much rice or other ingredients.

Adjust the amount accordingly on the nextroll if you need to.

Place the first roll aside with the seam sidedown on a plate while you make more rolls.

Don’t place it seam-side up as it will likelystart to come apart.

If you have a kimbab roller like this, it canmake rolling easier as well as giving the roll a more uniform shape.

Place the bamboo roller on the counter followed bya sheet of kim.

Spread and roll just as before.

When you’re finished making rolls, takea wide cooking brush and dip it lightly in sesame oil.

Brush just the top of each roll.

Now on a cutting board, with a sharp knife,cut each roll into ½” pieces.

Now it’s ready to pack or serve.

Kimbab is best served fresh, but if you haveleft-overs, you can bake them or pan-fry them in egg, like stir-fried rice.

Once you get the hang of it, change up theingredients.

You could try tuna-cheese, chicken, or evenadd in some kimchi.

Want something plain? Roll up some rice withjust a sprinkle of salt for a light meal to go.

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