Easy Shoga Yaki Recipe (Japanese Ginger Pork)

What are we making today mom? We're making Shoga Yaki Japanese Ginger Pork Let's get started! First the ingredients.

1 stub of ginger.

1/4 onion 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp mirin 1 tbsp sake 1 tsp sugar A little oil.

This is for cooking the meat.

3-4 thinly sliced pork.

That's all the ingredients.

Very easy recipe! First, we will peel the skin off the ginger.

Then we'll grate it with this grater.

Grating the ginger will release more juices.

It's already smelling like ginger in this room! I love the smell of ginger.

Mom please don't cut your finger today ok? We don't want it to be bloody pork do we? No way! We only have this plastic grater.

We bought it from the 100 yen store.

We have a lot of utensils from the 100 store.

Nothing wrong with that.

So let's do this now guys.

We're going to squeeze out the juices from the ginger.

Squeeze out all the juice like this.

I see I see.

We can throw this part away.

Next, the onion.

We'll also grate the onion.

The grated onion will tenderize the meat.

I see.

Please be very careful when grating.

You don't want to shave off your finger! Let's add the soy sauce mirin Next, add the sake.

sugar The ginger smells so good! Give it a quick mix like this.

Now add the pork slices into the marinade.

How long shall we marinade this? About 5 minutes.

While we're marinating the meat, we can cut up the cabbage and cucumbers.

Soak in water for a few minutes to get them crispy then drain in a colander to get excess water out.

That way you don't waste any time! So it's been about 5 minutes.

The meat is well marinated.

Let's wipe the meat with paper towel.

We will wipe off the excess moisture off the meat.

Why do we wipe it off? We don't want the meat to become too watery.

It won't be good that way.

Watery Ginger Pork is not delicious.

We're going to reserve the leftover sauce for later.

Do you make Shoga Yaki often? It's a very easy dish to make so I make this quite often.

It smells amazing! Is it almost ready? Just a little bit more.

You'll see moisture coming out of the pork on the surface.

Then we'll turn them over.

You'll also see the meat become puffy.

Now we'll add the leftover sauce to the pan.

Swirl the meat around in the sauce quickly.

Try not to let the meat burn.

Looks about ready! Thank you mother.

It looks delicious! No worries dear.

It's my pleasure.

I wonder if it's any good.

Doesn't it look delicious? It certainly smells good! Yes it does! How is it dear? It's so delicious! The ginger has permeated the meat! And there is Shinichi! Have a taste Shinichi.

YUM! I'll take a small piece dear.

Just a small piece? Take another bite of that piece dear.

I'll take that piece.

What do you think? It's good.

I think it's perfect! I totally agree with you.

It's neither too salty nor too sweet.

Very balanced I think.

Mother you are as always, a genius.

Oh dear, stop flattering me.

Mom this is one of your favorite dishes isn't it? I love it! Satoshi you like this too right? Love it! Are there any people that don't like Shoga Yaki? In Japan, everyone likes it.

Everyone loves it! Mother thank you so much again for cooking for us.

It was my pleasure.

See you later! Thank you so much!.

Source: Youtube