Curry OKONOMIYAKI recipe (Japanese pancake)

Hi Runny-san, I'm Jessica I'm from Indonesia May I request you Can you help me cook spicy Japanese food? Thanks! Hey Everyone! I will now Okonomiyaki For this Japanese pancake with many ingredients You can use any ingredient that you like But now, I will curry flavor And quite spicy Here are the ingredient or ingredients used First mix the flour and water Place the dashi stock powder You can use any kind of stock powder can chicken stock powder or even just to skip it curry powder mix well chili powder Use just a little if you do not want too much sharpness I put beni shoga or Japanese pickled ginger And a lot of cabbage Spicy chips Popular in Japan Karamucho Mixed all, put in the fridge for 15 minutes Put a little oil in a wok Saute the onion until cooked Add the pork or chicken depends what you want Season with salt and pepper Now, put the mixture Adjust its shape I cooked it for 6 minutes on both sides with low fire It Okonomiyaki sauce I also have a video on how to make this sauce so you do not need to buy The link is in the description box So the customer we are now Jessica from Indonesia Thank you for ordering! ^ 0 ^ / Yung balance a taste of curry and spice He too strong Because it okonomiyaki, I recorded this video without practice I just made him SUCCESS! and super good! Last bite! mmm! mmm! mmm! BLAH BLAH TIME! As mentioned okonomiyaki plate.

Do I take it with rice okonomiyaki because Gaki no Sensei (Japanese Comedy Show) did matchan He put those mayonnaise okonomiyaki He finished isinabay rice He just said, "Well, its delicious!" So when I'm in a restaurant, the first time I order the okonomiyaki and then rice Sobrang sarap pala niya Since then, I always accompanied by rice okonomiyaki If takoyaki, yes, even though I eat takoyaki I was also accompanied by rice But it's funny, those from Osaka they said, so that the takoyaki For them, otherwise takoyaki so they combined with rice That's what they told me before Dissimilar okonomiyaki and takoyaki! Eh Similarly they also have carbs.

Kentucky Fried Chicken normal for those people who use their hands to eat chicken But I, I just use my chopsticks I then dipped in mayonnaise, eg in rice just the way I like eating KFC Karaage Those french fries for McDonald's hash brlewn.

hash barjasdjfl.

HASH BROWN! I also combined with rice yung potato salad.

yes, sinasabay ko.

even those cabbage with mayonnaise I also combined it with rice All this since I liked okonomiyaki plate.

I'm not really too keen on rice case just fine.

just take it with rice.

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