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So check this out It’s Trevor James I’m in Wuhan, China And we’re going Foodrangin’ We’re going for a full on Chinese street food tour of this city I am so pumped Let’s go check it out Wuhan is China’s central street noodle heaven Smack in between Sichuan and Shanghai You’ll find a mixture of Hunan, Sichuan, and Shanghai food I came here to broaden my noodle horizons And ended up taking a 9 hour train from Chengdu Just to try the world famous hot dry noodles Getting deep into the street food scene Is always one of the joys of traveling And here in Wuhan I found a lot of exciting snacks Let’s eat This is nuts! So we have some classic reganmian we’re going to try here in Wuhan We’re going to add this ourselves here Beautiful Just a couple Just to give it a little kick, you know? So we’re going to see what the lineup is about here Oh, look at these regan noodles There’s pickled radish Looks like there is some cowpeas Sliced chives Fresh chili peppers Oh, and the bottom That’s what it’s all about You gotta mix it up With that thick thick sesame paste Oh I can smell that it’s nutty Oh look at that steamy steamy bowl of noodles Look at how thick that is Look at how thick that is! Let’s try that out That is It has a spicy kick to it And there is that thick sesame paste It’s like a mixture between sesame and spicy It’s quite nutty Oh and the noodles are actually very nicely done Slightly chewy I do gotta say though I wish that the sesame paste was a little thicker And a bit of a stronger nutty flavour Otherwise these are very delicious And next door at the same spot There was an even busier joint Serving their unique take on shaomai dumplings Stuffed with sticky rice and mushrooms And dropped into a hand rolled deep fried dough strip Giving you and amazing texture and flavour combo This is what dreams are made of right here It’s like a crispy deep fried dough pocket Stuffed with shaomai Sticky rice, mushroom, and pork shaomai Oh I just gotta get right in there Oh look at that That looks insane It’s soft and plump and stuffed full WOW! That is spectacular It tastes like a peppery gravy ball Oh those are really good, it tastes like gravy Peppery gravy with these really soft soft shaomai Oh, that is really good That is what’s unique here This is incredibly delicious This is so delicious It’s like a peppery gravy, deep fried dough ball With these really soft soft mushroom like shaomai It’s like a mushroom gravy in there And after a little walk I found another place down the street serving a unique version of a popular breakfast snack There was a huge lineup, so I couldn’t resist giving it a try So friendly Oh this is sticky rice, with mushroom Look at this There is probably going to be some really unique flavour Oh it’s so hot Gotta be careful don’t burn your mouth I’m just going to go right in Oh, look at that That is fantastic That is beyond delicious here They have this mushroom flavour And sticky rice And I can taste like this slight essence of cinnamon in there I just came for one and I got four All for free Didn’t expect that Great! And then I went just down the street to try another street food specialty The chicken comb deep fried pork pocket Home made dough is stuffed with pork and onions And then boiled in a dark dark oil Right on the street It was making me a little hesitant at first But this was in my street food research So I had to give it a go We’re going to try it out right here Look at this This is like a deep fried oily bread batter Wheat batter It has that jiucai flavour It has that juicai flavour in it Which is like a strong chinese chive almost Very strong green onion flavour With pork in there It’s a little too oily for my pleasure I can see the locals love it You see this filling here It’s only on the very edge and the rest is just like Deep fried batter Deep fried wheat So I’m probably not going to finish that I feel bad but I don’t want to eat pure oil And for a mid afternoon snack I made my way to try a unique baked flatbread called the strange flavour flatbread Loaded with a secret spice mix Chili sauce and sugar It was the perfect mix of flavour It’s placed like these that bring you satisfaction for traveling somewhere just for the food Knowing that you’re chowing down on a local recipe That only locals know about and line up for Oh and he chops it up! Flatbread doused in chili paste That’s more of a chili paste than a chili oil And sugar With onions Sesame, and salt We’re just going to go right in for that That is magnificent That chili oil That chili spice I definitely taste a little fennel in there It’s like a spicy, fennelly sweet crispy bing With a hint of onions All that granular sugar on there Really gives it a nice texture With that chili paste Which is also quite granular So you have the chili paste, the sugar, and there is fennel in there So it really adds a nice granular crunch to each bite And for my pre-dinner meal, I found a local classic street food that you can find all over China A huge cauldron of niuza A bowl of mixed beefs organs and parts Served in a spicy broth with radish, tofu, and vegetables Look at this! That smells really good! This is organs, innards, pleasure right here That’s huge! Very good! This is beautiful It’s like a big pot of intestines and organs and sliced tender beef Theres rice noodles in there There’s like stomach In a light broth That smells fantastic Let’s just try a little beef out here Oh yeah It’s quite spicy Oh it’s very spicy It’s a sharp spice It’s a deep beef broth as well With like these nice chewy Nice chewy organs Let’s try that out It’s quite spicy It’s a sharp spice And you can really feel that it’s made with love right on the street here And for my final meal of the night I made my way to a classic Wuhan style restaurant Packed with locals All dining on delicacies that you’ll miss after you leave This is what travel is all about It’s packed I ordered a bunch Some dried and salted little river fish covered in bean paste A steamer of fatty pork covered in rice flour Taro salad with huge garlic cloves and ginger slices A hearty and thick bowl of pork rib and white radish soup And the most noticeable of all Was the extremely spicy, bubbling frog pot Check this out This is the bubbling frog pot Look at that It’s bubbling Look at all those dried chilies in there Garlic, green peppers And that frog Look at that frog meat Oh that looks tender I really just have to try that flavour out That is very spicy It’s like It tastes exactly like if you boiled a bunch of dried chilies with garlic And a soft soft tender frog meat The frog meat just takes on the full flavour of those chilies Super tender That is burning This is fenzhengrou Except this is hubei style This looks more fatty There are these green peas on top And it’s also covered in rice meal – rice flour Look at that Steamy steamy fenzhengrou Oh yeah It’s very soft and a little sweet The pork essence is just magical in there It’s really fatty and juicy A little salty And it has a really nice really smooth essence, you can taste the peas steamed throughout there There’s a nice little hint of pea flavour in there I made a huge mistake near the end of the meal I loved the frog pot so much That I took some of the soup And I put it on my rice For a spice lover, I thought that this would be heaven But I discovered that this blew Sichuan spice out of the water And I had to pace around and cool down While Ting ting filmed and laughed That is — HOT! Thank you so much for watching my food and travel videos Please leave me a thumbs up And click that like button down below Follow my instagram too Because I’m putting all of my photos from these experiences on my Instagram account The Food Ranger Check it out I’m gong to keep going I gotta catch my flight early in the morning So I’m going to head back to the hotel now I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you Because my channel has been growing so fast And I’m just so excited about this I’m starting culinary school next week And I’m going to try to get as much footage of that as possible for you guys I want to share with you guys my experience of how it all goes And share some recipes as well.

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