Chicken Thai Green Curry Recipe

Hi there and welcome to good for you living this video is part of the cooking basics series where I'm showing you a simple 2 step method that will unlock the secret staple OK I'm knownto exaggerate a little but stick with me while I make a chicken thai green curry whether served thick like a sauce or thin like a soup the spicy flavour marries so well with the creamy texture let so metell you more about the two-step method first it's about oil andwater you separate the ingredients that you going tocook in oil and those that you going to cook in water and second everything's a salad so if you have ever made a salad before you will be able to make this without a problem so I've already given away my secrets which really isn't a secret but just keepthese things in mind and you'll be out a breakdown recipes andsee the pattern emerging, so I hope this is going to be goodfor you and let getting in the kitchen.

Ok weneed to start with a pot on medium heat and I'm going to melt some butter.

let's havea look at our oil ingredients first we have some onion chicken garlic andsome Thao green carry paste for our water ingredients we havepotatoes carrots red capsicum or bell peppers some peas and coconut cream.

OK that's all meltedthrough and we can at our chicken.

We are only going to cook this for a little bit by actually just want to brown itto lock in the juices and flavour Ok that's a bit over a minute and we can see that there are no more raw bits showing.

Iactually marinated the chicken and you can see a simple marinade methodI used just by clicking on the link below you can see we have some nicecrunchy bits at the bottom of the pot don't worry this is what we wantit's going add to our sauce or gravy later.

Wewill add some more butter and keep it on a medium heat let's add some onion and cook for a bitthat's nicely caramelized now so we will add gallic and turn the heatdown little bit just before I add the carrypaste a little bit just before I add the curry paste you can even remove the pot altogether of theheat as the temperature of the oil will be enoughto give the paste a bit of a saute.

I'm using a big heap of paste because this is a rather large pot and I like it quite spicy you shouldadjust to your own needs though mix and stir vigorously as the paste isvery fine and we don't want it to burn I'm going to throwin my potatoes and the same here i just want to seer it a little bit just to see if I can get a bit of crunch out of it but I can't do it for too long as Ican see at the bottom of the pain is getting very dark and almost about to burn so I need to add mystock or broth i'm actually just using water you can do thesame if you want or you can use stock I only want a little bit of thewater as a coconut cream is going to be themain form of liquid now I can't turn up the heat here and startto scrape the bottom of the pot and you'll be able to see that it'smaking lovely brown sauce if I was to thicken that would make thembest gravy OK I'm pretty happy with the bottombeing nice and smooth and i can add my carrots give them a bit of a mix through beforewe go ahead and cover it and bring it to the boil so that's been boiling away nicely and and we'll just give them quick mix andits looking quite nice so we need to boil this until thepotatoes are cooked I wanna check the potatoes so the bestthing to do is to find the largest piece of potato stick a fork in it to see if it's doneyep that's quite soft and a easy for the fork to stick inso I can move onto my next water ingredients that don't take so much time to cook we haveour red bell peppers all capsicum and our peas and I'm gonna let that simmer for a littlebit just to reduce the liquid a bit more said the taste intensifiesfinally we can and our coconut cream I'm gonna let you decide how much youwanna put in I would go atleast a third of a tin but you can add the whole thing if youlike it won't hurt it and if you want it more like a soupthen go for it you have to remember that this paste is quite spicy so themore cream you do add the more the spice diminishes let's mix it for a bit and that doesn'tlook great a sauce has lightened and colours of thevegetables are still there that's pretty much done let's just giveit a final bit of seasoning I'll add some pepper here just quicklyturn down the heat a little bit and give it a goodmix through and yeah I'm really liking this and now since I don't use a stock and I only used water upI'm going to add some of this veggie salt you can use normal salt I just like veggie salt and water as analternative to ready made stock if you have time just turned down theheat and put it on a slow simmer until you're ready to eat or the sauce consistency is to yourliking now that is fine as a vegetarian dish soif you are catering for vegetarians and meat eaters you have done it all in one go let's give it a bit of a test to see ifit needs anything yep that's great okay let's put out she came back intothe curry and mix it through the reason I tookthe chicken out is because I didn't want it cooked for toolong with to carry and risk it drying out we give it aquick mix and we have our chicken and thai green curry so remember that that two steps first wecooked out oil ingredients and then put in our water ingredientsonce we added the water we used the fried bits to becomeour stock So make sure you scrape the bottom ofthat pot and of course you can see how it resembles a salad we just mix and tossed out ingredientsaround and our salad dressing was the saucea quick garnish of shallots and done.

There is is chicken thai green curry I like serving this dish with brownrice I find that thicker rice goes sowell with the thicker creamy spicy sauce and if youwant to substitute chicken for another meat yo can go a beef or pork or even seafood and if you want to go vegetarian you can use a hard tofu or myfavorite I fried tofu you see that I've fried the chicken andthen removed it the reason for this was because I wantedto boil the potatoes in a vigours manner just to soften them up you don't wantraw potatoes but if you're not using potatoes thenyou can treat this more like a stir fry and you can cook itunder 8 minutes, just follow the same two-step method first it about oil andwater and remember everything's a salad.

have good preparation and you will succeed the key here is experiment practice and start creating your own signature dish.

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