Chicken kabiraji recipe step by step | Most popular kolkata street food | Easy method evening snacks

Subscribe to Shweta’s Home Kitchen Channel press the bell icon to get latest updates of recipes hello, today I will show you a most popular recipe “Chicken Kabiraji” this is very famous in kolkata occasionally we take it from restaurant but if you make at home it will be pure and very delicious so, friends try this recipe by following these steps check out the detailed recipe in description box of this video so, let’s get started to make this recipe, at first take 1 coffee cup minced chicken make a paste of boneless chicken in a mixer marinate chicken with 1 -2 tablespoons of white vinegar for half an hour finely chopped 3 medium sized onions 5-6 green chilies finely chopped some chopped coriander leaves (2-3 tbsp) 1 tablespoon ginger -garlic paste I take 2 eggs to make 4 kabiraji 1 table spoon sunrise shahi garam masala powder( black pepper powder 1 teaspoon take bread crumbs for coating and while making the paste(approx 150gms) refined oil for deep fry salt as per taste Let’s start the process take a mixing bowl add minced chicken strain out the extra vinegar don’t give this extra water as you can see add chopped onoins first add half of the onions , then add reaming onions while you making the paste add ginger-garlic paste add chopped chilies add chopped coriander leaves add 1 tbsp garam masala powder add salt as required now mix all these ingredients by your hands make a nice mixture untill it becomes tight add remaining onions add 1 tbsp bread crumbs to this mixture then mix it by your hands when you make this, you will understand how much bread crumbs needed for a tight mixture gradually I add total 4 tbsp bread crumbs but this can be vary for your recipe as minced chicken release water so extra bread crumbs may be needed to make a tight mixture take your time and mix it well untill it becomes tight now the mixture is ready take 2 eggs in a bowl I take time to show this recipe step by step so please stay with me and see the procedure add pinch of salt and 1tsp black pepper powder into eggs now beat eggs very well by a spoon and keep aside “kabiraji” comes from the word “coverage” so for making this coverage u have to beat the eggs very well now, it is ready now it’s time to make the cutlet make medium sized balls and flatten it by your palms as you can see how I made it.

make sure it must be firm from all the sides now take bread crubs in a plate and cover the cutlet with bread crumbs as you can see you can also give it a rectangular shape whatever u like now deep this into beaten eggs and fry it I make 4 cutlets from the mixture kept remaining part in a refrigerator for another day heat the oil in a kadai on low flame for 10-15 minutes now it’s the time for deep fry take 1 cutlet deep it into eggs and put it into the hot oil flame must be low to medium after that, make the coverage of eggs by using ur hands continuously as you can see how I make it this is little difficult but practise makes it easy and perfect to make 4 cutlets I use 2eggs make this nice coverage as shown in video now flip it make the egg coverage to another side also by same process be careful about the cover of this cutlet as this egg cover makes it more tasty and unique now fry both sides very well on low -medium flame untill it turns golden brown chicken kabiraji turns golden brown now it is ready take it out from oil soak extra oil by kitchen towel wow!! what a colour and nice coverage now it is ready to serve serve hot with salad and sauce or kasundi If you like my recipe then please press like button,share it, don’t forget to give ur feedback to get such nice and useful videos subscribe my channel take care, Bye.

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