Cheesy White Pasta | Easy To Make Pasta In White Sauce | Italian Recipes With Indian Style

Hi my lovely viewers Today I am going to show you a pasta recipe Pasta in white sauce or cheesy white pasta This is prepared in creamy white sauce With lots of healthy vegetables Flavours and seasoning it it So over to my kitchen to see how to make this pasta Ingredients First boil the pasta Here I have already boiled the pasta I have cooked the pasta in a large pot of boiling water With some salt and a teaspoon of olive oil in it Once it is boiled, strain them and rinse under cold water Make sure you do not overcook the pasta In a pan, add some olive oil and once hot add in garlic Saute it for a while Next goes in the onions Saute it with vegetables, carrots, capsicum Corns, and saute it just for 1-2 minutes Until they are slightly tender You can use a variety of vegetables over here Like broccoli, mushrooms and zucchini Next goes in some salt and some pepper Mix everything well and let it cool for another 1 minute Switch off the flame and keep it aside Now for the white sauce, melt the butter in a pan Put in the all purpose flour or Maida and keep stirring it or cooking it on low and medium high heat for 2 mins Until its rawness goes away Before it starts to change its color add the warm milk It helps in cooking the sauce faster Keep stirring it and whisking it Make sure there are no lumps.

Put in the salt Pepper, mix herbs seasoning and red chilly flakes Also add some basil and thyme The sauce should be thick Stir in the sauted vegetables Along with the boiled pasta Mix everything really well Cook it for another 1 minute Add some hot water or milk if sauce is too thick Lastly goes in some grated cheese Mix it well It is ready now.

Serve it hot My yummy white pasta or pasta in white sauce is ready It is loved by my children It also goes very well with some garlic bread on the side You can refer to one of my video for the basic garlic bread So do try this lovely pasta and let me know how it turned out Hit the like button, share this recipe with friends and subscribe to my channel Kanak's Kitchen for more such easy recipes every Tue and Fri I will see you next time Bye Bye.

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